​​The Histone Source
​                        Your source for histones, chromatin, and custom proteins
The Protein Expression and Purification (PEP) Facility

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Let Histone Source save you time, money, and effort by preparing your purified proteins for your research.
   The Histone Source strives to provide top quality histones, chromatin, and other custom proteins for your research. We regularly analyze our products for stringent quality control such that you end up with exactly what you need for your research. Our Facility at The Histone Source has advanced equipment and access to state of the art mass spectrum instruments to provide you with a protein product that has been analyzed for quantity and purity before shipment. From clone to construct, we can produce difficult to purify protein products in a short time frame and our work is guaranteed. Please browse our new website at www.histonesource.com and see what we have to offer, at highly competitive prices. Our commitment to customer service is our highest priority because your research depends on it. We are also happy to consult and technically advise you as needed for these applications in your research. We want to give you the best quality protein reagents at the best prices.
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If you have a need for a protein product we do not offer, ask us, and we can espress and purify it for you. We have highly competitve pricing and special rates depending on your affiliation.
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