​​The Histone Source
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The Protein Expression and Purification (PEP) Facility

Pricing Structure

A) Aliquots (4 mg) of Histones (individual)
Xenopus (wild type and labeling mutants), human, mouse, yeast (except yeast H4 and yeast H4 mutant). See online store.

B) Full histone prep  (individual) 6L prep except H4*

C) Histone Octamer (except yeast*)

D) *Histone derivative with poor expression and/or low yield (6 L prep, eg. Yeast H4, yeast H2B-K123C)

E) Other Bacterial Protein Expression

F) TAP-tag purification of yeast proteins (~ 100-300 pmol depending on construct)

Prices do not include shipping and handling - domestic (US) $30 and international $75, where applicable

A) $150/aliquot (4 mg)
Guaranteed yield

B) $1500/prep (from plasmid) > 30 mg
C) $1200/Octamer prep (~5-7 mg)

D) $1500/prep (from plasmid).
No guarantee on yield; range can be from 5-30 mg

E) 1) Small scale initial test expression: $400
2) Subsequent expressions: $60/Liter

F) 1) $1400 if TAP-tag strain provided or in stock
2) $1525 if strain needs to be purchased

G) Contact us for pricing

Prices are in US dollars